1299 Inquisition

Names taken from the Inquisition made at Gloucester of the lands  of John Gifford of Brymnesfield.

July 12th 1299

Supplied by Mike Stanbrook

Agnes Borde, Roger Bray, Alice Brode, John the Brommesegh, Agnes Bugegould, Roger Caus, William Caws, Agnes Croki, Thomas Eir, Robert Faber, William Faber, William Foghel, John Freman, William Frend, Gilvert Godefrei, Richard alte Grove, Walter Gubel, Isabella Large, William Longman, Gilbert Muchegond, Thomas Oaward, John Pepelori, Edith Pipelori, William Pope, Richard Pope, John Roberd, Agnus Schappe, Agnus Schop, Thomas Segar, William Somer, Cecilia Stanleigh, John Steghole, Richard Stephen, Thomas Stoil, John Stoil, William Stoil, Roger Stonhouse, Agnes Tebou, Thomas Vraawey, Emma Wade, Peter Alte Welle, Walter Woldon, Thomas Wrink, Simon Wymond.

Key words:
Dove cot, Hacahegate, Rudyinng, Brademede, Wowehome, Scortemede, Brodemedesende, Brokakemede, Subdenegrove, Gule of August,

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Calendar of Bristol Deeds no 297 Page 104 Bristol Record Office
Grant by Thomas de Bayuse, son of Sir Thomas De Bayuse, to Richard le Stoyl of a tennament, a croft, and land on CARSBROOKE in Stoke Gifford, at an annual payment of six pence. Witness: Robert, son of Walter de Ceddre, Robert Anlakt, Walter Anlakt, William the clerk, Walter Swyft, Dated @ Stoke Giffard, Feast of St. Gregory, 17 Edward I (12th March 1289) Seal a shield and lion rampant. Sir Thomas de     Bayne

From the Henbury Court Rolls Held in the Worcestershire County Record we read that at:

Fines for release To this court came the heir of Maurice from suit of court Berkeley of Beverston by his attorney
18s.Od, and gave to the lord for fine 2s. Od. for release from suit of court there of three weeks this year following. And that Sir Maurice Berkeley of Stoke Gyfford for the same, 2s. Od.

Stoke Gyfford, The tithing-man presents for common fine due at this day, 4s. Od.

Mercy 2d. Item, he presents that Richard Bille (2d) is a common tranter of bread and ale.

A Penalty: The common water-course at Whitelesyate under Le Parke corner lies flooding by neglect by Juliana Baker. She is ordered to scour that water course by the next view under penalty of 6s. 8d.