1620 Rent Book


Names taken from the rent book in the First half of the 17th. Century, C. 1620 Records courtesy of Mike Stanbrook. Follow link to see the relevant page.

Grace Grims
Richard Drumer
Robert Berkeley

J Holboron
Alice his wife
Anne their daughter

Margery Bradly
Robert her husband
Mary his daughter

Morris Smith
Joan his wife
John his son
Alice his wife
John their son

Thomas Joatham
Isabelle Wife of William

John Sturge
Joan his wife
Jon their son
Nath Sturge
Eliz his wife
Thomas Lawford D1677
Christian his wife D1692
Robert their Son

Christopher Darny D 1638
Agnes his wife
Thomas his son Buried 24 April 1648
Mary his wife
Richard Bangh
Agnes his wife
Edmond Bangh

John Brime
John Blanch
Alice his wife
John his nephew
Alice Blanch widow D1661
Agnes her daughter

John Breene
Robert Lawford Buried 17th May 1642
Thomas his son Born 1620
Dorothy Lawford Widow D1670
Grace Dorny

Agnes Palmer D1613
Roger Nard
Will Nard
Hester his wife
Thomas Vidler D1669
Eliz his wife
Elizabeth their daughter

John Taylor
Joan his wife
Anne Smith Daughter of Will Smith

Jo Wood
Derick Curtez
Elinor his wife
Anne their daughter
? their son Rob
Arthur their father
Robert Arthur, Richard Arthur sons.
Geo Symonds,
Math his brother
Margaret his sister
John Ballymore
Bridgett his wife
Rob their son.
Will Curtez

Rob Deverell D 1639
Kath his wife
John their son and John his so
John Vidler D1670?
Thomas and Robert Berkeley

Christopher Dorny Jun Buried 1636
Agnes his wife
Christopher their son
Eliz his wife
Joseph Dorney
Robert Berkeley and Thomas Berkely

John Cole
Richard Lawford
Anne his wife
Thomas Blanch and his son
Thomas Berkeley
Robber Berkeley

Will Hall D1620
Margaret his wife
John his Son
Alice his wife Married 1620
John Smith
James Wade and John Wade and the children of Thomas Wade

Will Whiteheare
Agnes his wife and ye Son
Anthony Smith,
Anne his wife

Tho Hodges
Hugh Bearnes
Margaret his wife D1640
John Bearnes their son D1671

Robert Smart D1626
Joane his wife
Alice and Edith his daughters
Eliz Moggs, Susana her daughter
Chattel in Roy Walls Jun.
Judith Walls Wife
Roy Wall
Thomas Wall

Alice Howell
Robert her Son
Kath his wife
Richard Howell
Robert Berkeley
And Thomas Berkeley

John Edson
Mary his wife
John his son
Elinor Blanch Widow

Will Large D1609
Agnes his wife
Morris his Son buried 23 Sept 1646
Joane his wife Buried 15 nov 1646
Robert Berkeley
Thomas Berkeley
Mr. Stevens
Eliz Bayly

Richard and William Lawford
Agnes the daughter of Joan Smith
Richard Williams
Elsanor his daughter

John Webb
Agnes his wife
Agnes his daughter
Jo Adham
Eleanor his wife
Thomoas Iny
El his wife
Barbara their daughter

Jo Beaker D1624
Joane his wife
Edith their daughter
Richard and Thomas Hollister

Kath Dixon the wife of Jo Dixon
Morris the son of John Dixon of Tockington
Joane his sister
Richard Holister
Joane his wife
Richard Hollister their son.

Simon Tovy
Will Arden
Eliz his wife
Hannah daughter of Theo Taylor of Aust
Mary Arden
Rich Taylor
Marry his daughter

Christopher Dorny
Kath his wife
Christopher their son

Rich Blanch
Mary his wife
Tho ye son
William and Richard Lawford
John, Joane and Rebecca Deverell children of Rob Deverell
Will Curtez
Ann his wife
Mary their daughter

Edmond Kedwelly
Joan his wife
Will their son
Christopher Dorney
Theo and Mary his children

Joane Painter Wid.
Rowland her son
Dorothy his wife
Mathew their son
Joh. Bowman
Alice his wife
Anthony their son.
Painter Morris Large
Joane his wife
Joane their daughter

John Prigg
Sib his wife
Jo ye son
Rob Bradley

Sibill Prigg
John her son
Rober Berkeley
Ann Smith D1664

Thom. John
Robert Lawford
Thomas, John, Robert sons of Robert Lawford D1642

Thom. Herly 1630-1664

Hen Hedges
Agnes his wife

Nath & Thomas Butcher his sons

John Pearce D1620
Isabell his wife
John their son
John Attwood
Abraham Attwood
H Bayly
Eliz his wife
Sarah their daughter
Edmond Thomlinson
Eliz his wife

Rob Walker
Mar his wife
John their Son
Theo Dorney
Alice Dorney
Edith Dorney

Calendar of Bristol Deeds no 297 Page 104 Bristol Record Office

Grant by Thomas de Bayuse, son of Sir Thomas De Bayuse, to Richard le Stoyl of a tennament, a croft, and land on CARSBROOKE in Stoke Gifford, at an annual payment of six pence. Witness: Robert, son of Walter de Ceddre, Robert Anlakt, Walter Anlakt, William the clerk, Walter Swyft, Dated @ Stoke Giffard, Feast of St. Gregory, 17 Edward I (12th March 1289) Seal a shield and lion rampant. Sir Thomas de Bayne

From the Henbury Court Rolls Held in the Worcestershire County Record we read that at:

Stoke Gyfford, The tithing-man presents for common fine due at this day, 4s. Od.

Mercy 2d. Item, he presents that Richard Bille (2d) is a common tranter of bread and ale.

A Penalty: The common water-course at Whitelesyate under Le Parke corner lies flooding by neglect by Juliana Baker. She is ordered to scour that water course by the next view under penalty of 6s. 8d.