South Gloucestershire Historic Environment Record

South Gloucestershire have kindly provided copies from their records


The South Gloucestershire Environment and conservation section is committed to the conservation and protection of the archaeological heritage.

A register of archaeological and historical sites, structures and find-spots, known as the Historic Environment Record (HER), is maintained within the Environment and Conservation Section of South Gloucestershire Council. Its function is to ensure that archaeological information is available for the planning process, to secure the conservation and protection of the archaeological heritage. Central government guidance, such as the Planning and Policy Guidance Note 16 (PPG 16), and references to the archaeological heritage in the governments environmental strategy document ‘This Common Inheritance’, have confirmed the primary role of the HERs as sources of archaeological information.

Accordingly, it has been considered desirable to set out a number of guidelines for users, based on the Code of Conduct devised by the Association of County Archaeological Officers, and now adopted by the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO).

In using the South Gloucestershire HER, the Inquirer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct, as set out below.

David R Evans

Planning Officer (Archaeology & HER)

Planning and Environment

South Gloucestershire Council

The Civic Centre

High Street


BS15 2TR

Date of Revision: 07 August 2002

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