The Rock Lane Cider Press

Whilst researching the history of the village I was told that there was a cider press on Rock Lane. Many others I spoke to could not remember it. Walking past some demolition and reconstruction work that was taking place on the probable site the gentleman involved showed me where he had had to move some stonework that he later realised might have been the cider press, though nothing now remained. Some time later I was engaged in conversation with Dave Griffiths, who was the groundsman for the parish for many years, when were able to discover a piece of the press. His neighbour was building a small garden wall which needed to be curved. Ever helpful, Dave offered a piece of stone that was lying around. This map taken from the title deeds of a cottage on Rock Lane shows the location of the cider press.
Adrian Kerton

location map for cider press on rock lane


And here is the piece that Dave salvaged.

photo of part of the old cider press on rock lane