The Parish Council

MINUTES of the First Parish Council Meeting Stoke Gifford

Note The Parish Council Minutes from 1894 to 1971 are at present lodged with the Bristol Records Office, plus a range of accounts, deeds, papers, maps and leases.

Election of Parish Councillors at the School room Stoke Gifford

December 4th. 1894

Proposed by

Seconded by

That Admiral Close do take the Chair.

Carried unanimously

The Chairman received the following nomination Papers for

SidneyMitchell  Farmer
GeorgeParker - do –
JohnParker  -do –
Charles Bridgeman - do –
Frederick Parker Labourer
John Phillips - do –

All of this Parish.

The Chairman marked the nomination paper of John Phillips “invalid”, as it was found that the signatures of the Candidate and Proposer were in the same hand writing: the other five Candidates were duly Elected as Parish Councillors.

Mr. John Parker having been Proposed and Seconded by a Nomination paper, was declared Elected District Councillor.

The Chairman congratulated the meeting on its peaceful and united proceedings, which he considered was mainly due to the absence of the Vicar and his warden.

The proceedings concluded by thanks, and hearty cheers for the Chairman, from a very full meeting, no women being present, which the chairman regretted and hoped they would attend in future.

The Chairman having thanked the meeting for their kindly feeling and vote of thanks, vacated the Chair.      

     F. A. Close


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Date of coming into Office
The first parish council will come into Office on the 13th of December 1894, if no poll is held for the election of councillors, and on the 31st of the same month if a poll takes place.  It will continue in office until 15th of April, 1896.  In 1896 and subsequent years, the 15th of April will be the date of the coming into office of the parish council.

The Parish Council in July 2003

Photo of Parish councillors

Back Row T Davis, J Tainton, M Platten, A Higgs, K Cranney & N Pirie(Clerk)
Front Row: J Wakeham, J Platten, B Allinson (Chairman), M Liddle, J Howells
Note Mrs B Kilminster was in hospital and M Williams was not in attendance.