1652 Occupier List

List of Copyholders First Half of 17th Century (1630/40)

Compiled by Mike Stanbrook

Nicholas Lewis
John Robins
Edith Smith
Mary Dorney
Joan Vidler
Richard Howell
Arthur Smith
Richard Lawford
Alice Blanch
Thomas Lawford
Elizabeth Dorney
Kath Dorney
Robert and Dorothy Lawford
William Lawford
Maio Walter
Robert Maws
Thomas Vidler
Thomas Foarmaves?
John Foarmaves?

William Books
Richard Merrick
Mary Howells
John Burrnell
John Brown?
William Millett
Abraham Attwood
William Mortimer –Tenant
Samual Booth
William Cook

Thomas Horley
Robert Bennett
John Collins
William Swift

22 Copyholders
8 Leaseholders
3 Tenants
4 Unspecified

This is a true copy of a particulars fo the yearly value of every mans lands in Stoke Gifford in ya county  of Glous for

Tho. Lawford
Tho. Joaham
A. Smith
John Beams
20 Jan. 1652

Editors note. Copyhold was a form of land holding that existed between a lord of a manor and his tenants.
Defined as a “holding at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor.” It originated in the occupation by villeins, [not freemen] of parcels of land belonging to the feudal lord ‘s manor. Over time it became an occupation by right, called villenagium, which was first recognised by custom and then became law. In 1926 all copyhold land became freehold land, usually without the mineral or sporting rights retained by the lord of the manor. The title deeds would be copies of parts of the court rolls of the manor. So it was title by copy of court roll and hence ;copyhold;