Bailey's Court Farm

Photo from 1915 Sale Catalogue

Baileys Court Farm
Baileys Court Farm

Baileys Court Farm

Baileys Court Farm
Baileys Court Farm
Baileys Court Farm
Baileys Court Farm
Baileys Court Farm

Bailey's Court farm - Transcribed by A Kerton from notes by Mike Stanbrook
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Origin of name.
The present spelling of the name is Bailey, this would seem to be a corruption. At until the end of the 19th century the name was spelt Bayly, there are three 19th century surveys which use the spelling. As for the origin of this name it would appear to be a personal name.

1725 Survey

  John Baylie servant to Thomas Dorney (Men's armour for Glos. 1608).
There is also an I.P.M. for an Isaac Bailey Yeoman who died in Stoke 28th October, 1681.
Hall. Bedchamber, Cheese Chamber, Kitchen Chamber, Hall Loft
49 acres held by Richard Bayly.
Also Thomas Baylis's Holdings

Reference Manoral court papers 1739.
;The present Mr Thomas Bayly or tenant to scour the ditches, lopp the trees and cut the hedges between the Vidlers close and Long Close to be done by next Lady Day on the pain of 6 pence.;

1814 The farm was 151 acres, three roods 25 perches and William Builder was the tenant

(Parish Survey) Tenant William Hooper.
;The tenant is very old and is not able to look after his farm which is generally in bad condition, no improvement is made and there is great capability for it. Farmhouse, stable barn and courtyard, sheds and wagon lodge and buildings in fair repair.  Orchards well planted good, Bearing in good condition. 173 acres.
1850 Farm in occupation of William Hooper rent £186.
1853 Let to William Player - new Farmhouse built rent £200
1856 Rent increased, including interest on new Farmhouse rent £240
1858 Let to Mr F Fuller and part of Watch Elm Farm added rent £262
A greater portion of Woodhouse Farm added. The Farmhouse enlarged and farm buildings rebuilt during this tenancy land drained rent £307
1868 Let to Mr Sydney B Mitchell and Benjamin Wilcox at the same rent.
1876  A further 38A-2A-8p of land added to the farm.
1861 Greater portion of Woodhouse Farm added [to Baylie's Farm ], house enlarged
1916 Farm sold to Mr. E Pursey for £7,500.  386 acres farm rent £223

Baileys Court Farm - Mr. E. Pursey Rent £223/Annum, 386 Acres.
House Entrance Hall, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Breakfast Room, Kitchen, Panty, Dairy, Cellar
Six Bedrooms, Bathroom, and Offices.

Farm Buildings
Large Implement Shed, Large Barn, with Loft over, Three Cattle Sheds with Sliding Doors of 36 Head, Four Cattle Sheds in enclosed yard, Two Open Sheds for Cattle Stabling, for 17 Horses, Coach House, Harness Room, Chaff House, Barn and Cow Shed, Three Pig Stys and Fowl House.
1921 Bailey's Cottages