Public meetings

3rd November 1890 Public meeting - School room Filton and West Glous Water
re supplying of water to Stoke Gifford and Filton.
Petition to his Grace by householders in Stoke Gifford for allotments as per act November 1891

Harry stoke farm October 15th 1880s, Valuation of tenants fixtures
        Back kitchen copper boiler and fixings
        Sitting room bar grate and slate mantelpiece parlour
        Grate and marble mantelpiece
        Kitchen oven grate upstairs to small grates 7-11-0.

1861 Thomas Parker of Cold Harbour Farm appointed gamekeeper
Stoke Gifford Bridge - new bridge and approach to same built and a direction of and George Worrall 8th October to January 7th, 1826 cost 45.