Little Stoke Farm Petition 1471 - 1483

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Petitioners: Humphrey Forster, esq.; Sybil Forster, wife of Humphrey Forster, and widow of Robert Poyntz, esquire.

Name(s): Forster; Forster, Humphrey; Sybil
Addressees: Prince.

Nature of request: The Forsters show that they were for a long time seised of an estate in fee in Stoke Gifford, otherwise called Little Stoke in right of Sybil Forster, and were seised until Berkeley forcibly and riotously disseised them and ousted their farmers and occupiers wrongfully and without any just cause, and still occupies the same, and they can have no speedy remedy by the law of the land considering that Berkeley is of such great might in the county, and the petitioners do not reside in that county. The Forsters request that letters missive be directed to Berkeley commanding him to appear before the prince's council at a certain day to answer the complaints, and to show his title if he has any, and if he fails to do so that further action be directed to be made as is thought right for the speedy relief of the petitioners.
Nature of endorsement: [None].

Places mentioned: Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire; Little Stoke, Gloucestershire; Uley, Gloucestershire.

People mentioned: [Edward Plantagenet], prince [of Wales]; William Berkeley of Uley.
Date derivation: A cover note preceding this file of petitions indicates that the petitions SC 8/344/E1262-E1316B mostly date to the period 1481-1483, and nearly all appear to belong to the period 1471-1483, this latter date being the dates that Edward Plantagenet, Edward IV's eldest son, held the principality of Wales and the county of Chester. This petition is dated to the latter range, 1471-1483 because there is no evidence that would allow a narrower dating.

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