Stoke Park Inventory 1770

Transcribed by Mike Stanbrook


Stoke house Inventory December 17th 1770 and 18th January 771.
Details rooms and contents.

Octagon room Drawing room Dining room
vestibule Great stairs Green parlour
My Lord's dressing room My Lord's bed chambers Servants Hall and closet
Scullery adjoining Passage from Hall to Octagon Pantry
Plate Cupboard Mr Towser bed room Pheasant pattern room
Vine pattern room Mr Towse's bedchamber Velvet room (bedroom).
(bed room)

Blue Quafoy room Chintz Pattern (bedroom) Passage

Duchess's dressing room Duchess's bed chamber Old Bed Room

Mr Wright's Room (bedroom) Mr Wright's dressing room. Green room ( bedroom). Small garrett at top of stairs (bedroom) blue Octagon Garrett closet adjoining. The blue Garrett Gardeners room, Will Knight's Rune room, billiard room heath, Tom Fuller's room. In the passage opposite lumber garrett, threee bedded octagon from the Garrett, stewards room and closets, kitchen, scullery, pantry, meat larder, pantry, bake house, strong beer celler, ale cellar, small beer cellar, wine cellar, brewhouse, arch room passage arch room bedchamber